Entering Finishes


There are mulitple ways to enter a racer's finishes. A finish can be entered into the racers record by clicking on any finish cell. (If you hover over a finish cell the 'Race number' will pop up.) You can also enter a racer's name or sail number in sequence - 1st finisher, then 2nd finisher, etc.

Enter directly into a racer's finish cell

Find the racer's record, click on the appropriate finish cell, then enter the finish or penalty (see Entering Penalties). The finish can be entered in the finish cell on the racer's line, or in the drop down Update Racer Details (click the down arrow), both shown below...


Enter Finish by Place

Click the Enter Finishes button when your fleet is open. This will open the 'Enter Finish by Place' dialog box. It will automatically figure out which is the next race to add finishes to, and set the 'finish' to 1st. Now enter enough information in the Name and/or Sail Number fields to uniquely identify the sailor and click Apply. The 'finish' box will advance to 2nd.

You can set the Race number and Finish place to update a specific race. You can add or update any fiinish using this dialog. The Error and Alert messages should guide you through the process.

Enter Finishes by Place