Race Log will exclude from scoring a racer’s worst finishes if the Throwout setting is not zero.  This is done by specifying a “Percentage” of races to throw in the Scoring Methods pages.  Select “Settings | Score Methods” from the menu.  The percentage entered (20 for 20%) will be rounded down to ensure that no more than the specified percent will be thrown. 

Confirm or Override your score method, and throwouts

Score Dialog

Each time you click the Score button you have the opportunity to over-ride the Throwouts Percent in the above Dialog Box by setting a new Percent, or by entering a Number of races to throw.  You may enter any number 0 or greater to indicate how many races to throw from this scoring. "0" will turn off the Throwouts setting for the current scoring. 

Throwouts are available for all scoring methods, but may not make sense to use for each method. The Low Point methods where your worst races are scored with higher points are the best application of Throwouts. For High Point methods it makes less sense because your worst finishes add the fewest points to your total score.

For more information on Throwouts for your selected Scoring Method see the Help page for your scoring method..