Regatta Registration


Generated Regatta Registration Form - The Regatta Edit form defines what goes on this Registration form. This form is what the racer uses to register for a regatta. A link is generated for this form. Use the link on your website, or email, or NOR, or wherever you publish the place to Register for you regatta.

Enter Registration Details

  • title/description/start date/end date/fee/notes -this is displayed at top of form, and is built in the Regatta Edit form
  • first name, last name - racer enters name
  • address, city, state/provence, zip/postal code, country (country codes as defined by US Sailing) -racer enters address information
  • sail number - racer enters sail number
  • sailing club - racer enters sailing club
  • date of birth - racer enters birthday
  • age as of date - date used to calculate age of participants (this date is defined in Regatta Edit form, typically the Regatta start date)
  • crew names - racer enters crew names
  • email, phone-racer enters contact information, email is required, used for communicating with racer, send results, etc.
  • fleet class - boat type, or other description required for this regatta
  • member of class - will optionally appear for racer to select or not
  • US Sailing discount - will optionally appear for racer to select or not
  • Previous regatta discount - will optionally appear for racer to select or not
  • emergenciy contact information - racer enters emergency contact information
  • Regsiter buttons - generated based on which payment method is selected in the Regatta setup page -'Regatta Edit' form
  • Payment with Paypal - two buttons at bottom of Registration form. If Paypal is allowed, then the Cash/Check option will also be displayed - 'Register - pay via Cash/Check' button, and 'Register - pay via Paypal/Credit Card' button
  • click 'Register - pay via Paypal/Credit Card' button - when the Paypal payment window pops up there will be two buttons - 'Log In' button for using your Paypal account, and 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' button for using any credit card, no need to login to Paypal.

Registration Form

Regatta Registration Form