Copy and Paste Results


Copy and Paste Results into your own Score Report. Copying and Pasting web pages is difficult. Pages are more css and javascript than pure HTML. When you copy and paste you are only moving the html to your source. The css and javascript is what makes the page look attractive and allows the page to do stuff. So you are going to be disappointed with your Pasted page. Even the "Paste Special" option in Word is not going to help.

Copy&Paste Report Format

 Copy Paste

Race Log Web has a fixed position report format that is HTML only. It's not the most attractive layout, but it allows you to copy from this format and paste into another document. It called "copy&paste format".

  • Click the Print icon from the Results list to get to the Printer Friendly page shown above.
  • Click the Formats drop-down. The copy&paste format is in the list of formats.
  • From the copy&paste formatted page you can Select the text, Copy it, and then Paste it into your report document.

This works best when copying from Chrome or Firefox browsers. IE works depending depending what you are pasting into.

  1. Chrome and Firefox - paste into a text editor or Word.
  2. Internet Explorer - paste into Word using the "Paste Special" | "Html format" option from the Paste button. 
  3. Other browsers and mobile browsers may also work but have not been tested.