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Web Hosting of Racing Results at the click of a button -
Upload your race results to your Race Log User Id. You don't need your own website. A folder on the Race Log website is set up for you as described below.

If you have your own website this is still easier since all you need to do is insert a link in your website to the folder on the Race Log website. Simply upload your results from Race Log and your done.

...for more information go to Publish Results to Internet..

1) Race Log users can set up a User ID from any Race Log screen.

or 2) Set up your User ID below on this screen.

A new folder is created for you - www.racelog.com/results/userid. This URL is yours. All you have to do is create your score report in Race Log - then click the Upload button.

Up to 3 UserID's for the Shareware version, and 15 UserIDs for the Pro version can be set up to support each clubs various regattas and sailing classes.

Browse existing folders.

Enter a User ID below to see if its available, then follow the instructions for creating the User ID. You can also perform this function in Race Log after you install it on your computer..

Enter User ID you would like to use ----
( 3 - 20 lower case letters or numbers, must begin with a letter)

Click Submit to see if User ID is available -








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