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Race Log
Pro Version

Shareware - The downloadable version of Race Log version 3.6 from the website is a fully functional Shareware version.  This is fully functional with no limits on number Races, Racers, or Fleets.  This is free, and freely distributable.  

Pro - Race Log Pro version 3.8 version provides all features, a product CD, technical support via Email and Phone, and of course your support provides incentive for further Race Log developement.

Feature                                                   Shareware   Version        Pro Version
Unlimited number of fleet files        
Unlimited number of Racers        
Unlimited number of Races        
8 Scoring Methods        
Tie Breaking        
Publish Results to Internet - 3 folders        
Publish Results to Internet - 15 folders        
Regatta Registration & Reporting        
Archive Fleet File        
Import External Data        
Online Registration with Paypal or mail-in        
Download online registration data        
Network Fleet Files        
Nag Screen        
Technical Support        
Deliver Race Log CD        

  • Technical:
    • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
    • 21  meg disk space
    • Access to internet fo uploading results


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