Race Log for Sailboat Racing

Web Site Description
www.sail1design.com/one-design-classes/ List of One Design classes.
www.apsltd.com/sailing-clothing-apparel.html Sailing apparal
www.cruisingworld.com/charter Directory of yacht chartering, cruising

The latest in Sailing Simulators...
www.sailing.org Web site for the International Sailing Federation.
http://www.sailing.org/documents/racingrules/index.php The Racing Rules of Sailing online
www.ussailing.org Web site for US Sailing Association. This is the source for the Racing Rules of Sailing
www.lmsrf.org Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation
www.sailinganarchy.com Lots of links to interesting Sailing sites.
www.boattrader.com Where to buy a boat..
www.sailingworld.com Web site for "Sailing World" and "Cruising World" magazines
www.usps.org Web site for US Power Squadron organization
www.sailnet.com Sailing Blog.
www.apparent-wind.com/sailing-page.html lots of Sailing links
www.yachtingnet.com Web site for "Yachting" magazine, and many sailing links
www.yachting.co.uk Excellent source of information for European Sailors
www.windline.net Web site for WindLine Sails, the premier builder of Land Sailboats
Training for racing small boats
www.jworld-sailing.com Sailing school, and boat charters


Weather and Related Information...

http://www.lre.usace.army.mil/Missions/Great-Lakes-Information/ General Information on Lake Michigan
http://www.crh.noaa.gov US National Weather Service -drill down to find your area and bookmark it!
www.weather.com The Weather Channel (same as the Cable channel)
www.intellicast.com/LocalWeather/World/ "intellicast" weather - (the best)
www.coastwatch.msu.edu/ Great Lakes surface temperatures


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